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Gordon Peck acupuncturist

Gordon Peck

Gordon has been involved in energy-based disciplines for over 35 years:

In the mid 60's he trained in healing, and has used it ever since.

Yoga deals with Prana, or vital energy, and Gordon studied under Velta Snikere Wilson to become a teacher member of the British Wheel of Yoga in 1973, and later taught Anatomy and Physiology for BWY student teachers

Massage has been a part of his work from as early as 1972, and he synthesises many techniques, focusing especially on Daoist Massage, Shiatsu and Tuina (Chinese Massage). He augments this with gentle manipulative techniques including Muscle Energy Technique, Myofascial Release and Positional Release, which he studied with Arthur Pauls DO.

He helped to run classes at the Self Health Centre in London in the early 1970ís and it was here that he learned Palm Healing, Shiatsu, Qigong and Oriental Dietary Therapy with Michio Kushi, Bill Tara & Masahiro Oki.

In 1979 he graduated as an acupuncturist after 3 years at the first full-time course in Europe studying under JD Van Buren and Giovanni Maciocia, and in 1984 improved his skills at Chengdu University Hospital.

Craniosacral training with Thomas Atlee enhanced his ability to work with subtle body energies, and he qualified as a Core Energy Management Coach with William Bloom.

His treatments usually include acupuncture using very fine needles and minimal stimulation, and also draw on other therapies according to the needs of the patient.

Gordon's therapeutic skills have been refined in his clinic over some 40,000 treatments, and this helps explain the popularity and effectiveness of his courses. He has lectured for colleges, societies and hospitals in the UK, Spain, Norway and South Africa. He edited Chinese Dietary Therapy for Elsevier books

He ran regular classes in Yoga, Wholefood Cookery & Healthy Eating for Kent and Surrey Adult Education, and set up some of the first Shiatsu and Massage courses for them in the 1980s. His weekly qigong classes in Tunbridge Wells began in 1987, and he holds workshops for the public and masterclasses for practitioners.