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Acupuncture - Gordon Peck

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Gordon's long experience in using other healing methods makes his brand of acupuncture unique.

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The Chinese character for qi (pronounced chee) uses the image of steam or vapour to represent energy.

The qi itself is unseen, but to the Acupuncturist itís activity is reflected in every aspect of the body.


Members of the British Acupuncture Council will usually have trained for around 3,500 hours, and treat a wide range of conditions using a therapy refined over two millennia.

Gordon's Integrated Acupuncture synthesizes several acupuncture styles and includes other therapies.

This usually means fewer treatments, a surprisingly pleasant experience, and less expense. Any supporting material (breathing exercise notes, food charts etc.) is included in the fee.

Clinic is in Tunbridge Wells

A one hour consultation and treatment is £60.

Follow-ups are £50 and last around 40 minutes.

Payment by cheque, cash or BACS transfer (sorry, no cards).

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