manage your energy more effectively
Helping yourself by Gordon Peck

Helping yourself

There are many ways to help yourself and to stay healthy. Here are a few:

Eat well

Moderation. Try to eat a range of foods and in moderate amounts.

Seasonal Food. Have a range of good quality seasonal food, freshly prepared

Keep the evening meal light and early if possible.

Avoid chilled drinks, especially with meals.

If you are eating, just eat! If you are also trying to watch an exciting movie, or rushing to get back to work, you will not make good use of the food.


Not everyone thrives on pounding the treadmill or heaving weights, and you may benefit more from gentler and more enjoyable activities.

Consider swimming, countryside walking, dancing, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Pilates.

Enjoy life

Take a walk in the countryside or look out over the sea. Recall that sense of awe which comes when you appreciate the wonder of nature.

Make a list of things that delight you - your favourite films, music, animals, people, smells, places. Work out how to incorporate them in your life more.

A photo at your desk, your favourite album in the car, phoning or visiting friends, all these can remind you of the good things in life.

Follow your dream

“Don't sweat the small stuff” Ignore the minor problems in life. There are more important things out there!

Consider what you are doing with your life in general, and what you would like to have achieved in five or ten years time.