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Gordon began training in qigong in 1974, and has taught it in Britain, South Africa and Spain since 1985.

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“Just to let you know that ...I feel a different person - mind so much calmer and feeling ready to cope with anything!  Thank you so much.  Another success!”

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Qigong (Chi Kung) literally means working with qi.

After two millennia it still improves the lives of millions of Chinese, in hospitals and households. Now the west has caught on.

An old term for qigong was daoyin, or leading and guiding the breath.

Emei Shan Qigong and Ba Duan Jin (Eight Brocades) use sets of eight movements to gently order and build internal energy.

Zhan Zhuang involves quietly holding a standing posture to increase energy, encourage it's free flow, and to settle and focus the mind.

Classes include loosening techniques and exercises to improve sensitivity to Qi. All can be adapted in advanced illness or limited mobility.

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Gordon began training in qigong in 1974 with Masahiro Oki and Michio Kushi, and later with Li Dexun in Chengdu. Work with Shen Hong Xun and Master Yang Lian Cun in the UK added to his skills.

He has taught qigong in Britain, South Africa and Spain since 1985.